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Abode of the Gods

Abode of the Gods

Cyclopean rock carvings of mythological beings from the Inca culture


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Abode of the Gods

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Cyclopean rock carvings of mythological beings from the Inca culture

Visit the Abode of the Gods or Apukunaq Tianan which is located within the city of Cusco. You will see amazing handmade sculptures and cyclopean rock carvings of mythological beings of the Inca culture. Apukunaq Tianan is at an altitude of 3450 masl. When people arrive in the Abode of the Gods, they are fascinated by the height of the sculptures, some of which are 10 meters high. Even more impressive is learning that this marvelous work is handmade.
Some myths arose to explain how these masterpieces were done. Local people said that mythical creatures appeared in the scene to request a portrayal of them would be made. Apunaq Tianan is the perfect place to visit with your family and friends or just by yourself. Once you get to the top, you could observe the wonderful Cusco, its astonishing mountains, and clear sky. The perfect combination to reflect on life or how everything is in its right place.

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What Is Included?

  • Hotel Pick up
  • Professional English-speaking guide
  • Transportation to all sites
  • Abode of the gods entrance

  • Original Passport
  • Hat
  • Water
  • Sun protection
  • Some money for souvenirs

The Abode of the Gods is rated EASY. However, it is important to feel comfortable walking for extended periods of time 20 minutes at a time approximately.

The Abode of the Gods runs daily and is available year-round. The months of January, February and March are in the rainy season, please bring a good rain jacket and waterproof your belongings.

Cancellations allowed with 48 hours notice and a $10 usd per person cancellation fee