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Considerations when planning your Peru itinerary

Whether you're planning a journey of a lifetime to Machu Picchu or incorporating Peru into a larger trip, Peru is not a country that you can just show up and try to plan on the go. A well planned itinerary is a must. This is because Peru has 3 different regions that have completely opposite climates and tourist attractions:

  • The Coast: which features deserts and Oasis like Huacachina, beautiful beaches like Paracas and fertile valleys.

  • Highlands: a mountainous area dominated by the Andes, where you will find many Inca sacred sites like Machu Picchu and where Mount Huascaran soars to 22,132 feet/6,768 meters.

  • Amazon rain forest: a vast region of tropical vegetation in the Amazon River's Basin, home to Peru's largest natural reserves where you can have encounters with amazing bird and wild life.
Peru itinerary regions

Our Peru itinerary advisors can provide you with invaluable information and a start-up itinerary template so you can end up with a well planned Peru vacation with an itinerary that is perfectly tailored made to your budget, lifestyle and tour expectations. So the different cities you visit should also have altitude into consideration. For example, visit Cusco before visiting Puno's Lake Titicaca. All and many more important considerations will be by default taken into account by our Peru travel advisors when they prepare your free Peru itinerary.

Altitude and itinerary planning

Altitude is a very important consideration when planning your Peru itinerary. It is recommended to do the lower altitude tours and then the high altitude tours last. For example, if you are in Cusco, you should do Rainbow Mountain after your Machu Picchu tour.