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35 Minute Luxury Helicopter Flight

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35 Minute Luxury Helicopter Flight

Enjoy a private 35-min helicopter flight to see 4 amazing tourist attractions
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35 Minute Luxury Helicopter FlightEnjoy a private 35-min helicopter flight to see 4 amazing tourist attractions$490.00

Brazil, país en America del Sur

Brazil is a vast country in South America that stretches from the Amazon Basin in the north to vineyards and the massive Iguazu Falls in the south. Rio de Janeiro, symbolized by its 38-meter statue of Christ the Redeemer atop Corcovado hill, is famous for its busy Copacabana and Ipanema beaches, along with its huge and raucous Carnival festival, which features floats, lush costumes and dance. and samba music.

What is the most representative of Brazil?

Christ redeemer The statue is located in Rio de Janeiro, is 30 meters high and is the most representative figure of Brazil.

>p> What are the traditional festivals in Brazil?
  • Four unmissable parties in Brazil.
  • Lavagem Do Bonfin (Salvador / second Thursday in January)
  • Carnival (All the country / February or March)
  • Juninas Festivities (All the country / June)
  • Parintins Folk Festival (Amazon / last weekend of June)