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Inti Raymi 2025 ticket. Green section + tour bus Sold Out

Inti Raymi 2025 ticket. Green section + tour bus

Inti Raymi green ticket + bus + lunch


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Inti Raymi 2025 ticket. Green section + tour bus

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Inti Raymi green ticket + bus + lunch

The Inti Raymi green ticket gives you access to the economy seating section in Sacsaywaman. These seats have a distance of 25 meters or 82 feet from the main stage.

Inti Raymi Festival Details

Inti Raymi, the Festival of the Sun, is celebrated in Cusco every year on the 24th of June where thousands of people come together to witness the most beatiful re-enactment of the most important festival of the Inca empire to celebrate the winter solstice and the harvest season; the beginning of the Sun's New Year.

The Inti Raymi is now the second largest festival on the South American continent and for this reason you must book this tour well in advance. A week-long celebration begins prior to the new year festivities with concerts and street fairs.



• Adults (13 yrs +) $193 USD
• Children (5-12 yrs) $134 USD - Passport proof required
• Infants (0-4 yrs) $0 usd
• Peruvian citizens with DNI or Peruvian passport pay $119 USD

Inti Raymi 2025 Seating Map

Inti Raymi 2025 tickets chart

What Is Included?

  • Check-in from 10:15am to 10:45am at Plazoleta Santa Teresa (5 min walk from Main Plaza). There will be a check-in table.
  • Tourist bus from Cusco to Inti Raymi venue
  • Inti Raymi guides and staff to assist you through the entire Inti Raymi
  • Entrance ticket to Inti Raymi
  • Lunch with choice of Regular or Vegetarian
  • 1pm-4pm assigned seats in the economy green section of the Inti Raymi
  • Return bus from Inti Raymi to Cusco city center

What is not included?

  • Transportation from your hotel to Plazoleta Santa Teresa is not included because all streets in Cusco Historic center are closed on the Inti Raymi. You are responsible to get to Plazoleta Santa Teresa between 10:15am to 10:45am for check-in

  • 10h15 to 10h45 Bus boarding

    Our friendly staff will wait for you between 10:15am and 10:45am at Plazoleta Santa Teresa, where you will register at the check-in table with your passport. You will then board the Inti Raymi tour bus that will transfer you to the Inti Raymi venue which is the Inca fortress of Sacsayhuaman.

  • 10h45 Bus departure

    Tour buses will start the 45 min. drive to the Inti Raymi. You also will receive a lunch box to bring to with you as there is no food sold at the event.

  • 11h30 to 12h30 Arrival to venue and seating

    The tour bus arrives at the Inti Raymi venue where you will go through the official check-point. At the entrance, you will receive the Inti Raymi program booklet that will help you follow along what is said during the ceremony. You will also receive a DVD as a souvenir. Our tour guide will assist participants to their assigned seats.

  • 13h00 Inti Raymi begins!

    The representation of the Inca is one of Pachacutec, which is the Inca in which the sun god (Inti) revealed his might and strength. The armies come from the four quarters of the Inca Empire and there are different ceremonies, dances, fires, and more. The ceremony lasts about 90 minutes and is in Quechua but visually is powerful. You will be able to follow along with the booklet given to all participants.

  • 15h00 board tour bus

    As soon as the ceremony ends, you will be directed to board the Inti Raymi tour bus.

  • 16h30 arrival at Cusco city center

    The bus will drop you off at Plazoleta Santa Teresa. Sometimes, police directs traffic and drop off may be at Limacpampa Plaza

  • Your original passport
  • Comfortable tennis shoes
  • Water to drink
  • Sun hat
  • Sun glasses
  • Sun protection cream
  • Small roll of toilet paper
  • Small day pack
  • Snacks
  • Money in Peruvian coins for restrooms

The INTI RAYMI TOUR is rated very easy. None the less, you must be able to walk for about 10 minutes comfortably from the bus to your seat.

The Inti Raymi tour is ONLY available once a year, on the 24th June and advanced booking is required.

  • The Inti Raymi tour is non-transferable, and the participant cannot change the date
  • All reservations must be canceled in writing and are subject to a cancellation fee
  • If you cancel with 20+ days of advanced notice, you will incur a $50 dollar cancelation fee per person
  • If you cancel with less than 20 days of advanced notice, you will incur a cancelation fee of 100% of the total tour cost
  • If during the length of the program, a traveler abandons the excursion due to altitude, health, or for any other reason, no reimbursement will be made and no claim accepted.
  • You agree to cover all expenses made by you due to abandonment of the tour such as meals, hotel, return transportation, medical expenses, etc.
  • It is compulsory that all clients have personal travel insurance. This insurance must cover personal accidents, medical expenses, loss of property and all other expenses which might arise as a result of loss, damage or injury occurring to the client.
  • The Inti Raymi may be interrupted or even canceled due to weather conditions, natural disasters or other disturbances such as civil unrest, worker strikes, etc. In the case the tour is canceled for your safety, due to circumstances outside of our control, the only refundable portion will be 100USD for tourists and 40USD for Peruvian nationals.